the 8th Day Network

partner ministries and business organizations

The 8th Day Community actively engages in partnerships and collaborative ventures with partner ministries and business organizations who reflect 8th Day's values. Some of these partnerships are actually part of the 8th Day Community and are in the practice of inviting people into the 8th Day family. Below are links to organizations and individuals who are directly involved in the 8th Day Community both in Washington State and elsewhere. 

  Life's Journeys Ceremonies - "Ceremonies that celebrate life, love    and faith."  Director Tim Pollard, MA. Tim is also heading up the 8th Day Community's initiatives in Tennessee. Tim can be reached at his 8th Day email address:



   Way of Life :: Online



Trinity Counseling - Patrick Gerasie 


Soul Care Pathways

 Dr. Deb Gustafson and Spiritual and Pastoral Care