Lamentation and Soul Care Pathways

offering hope in loss, grief and mourning

Lamentation loss and grief class/group has been involved in helping those with intense losses for over twelve years. This ministry is a uniquely Christian look into the formative depth that grief and mourning can have in our lives. Based on the prophet Jeremiah's letter of Lamentations, this class introduces the participant to the Biblical record of suffering and lament and how hope and joy is born of sorrow and mourning. In addition, Lamentation offers a listening presence to those in anguish and this ministry has proven to be an offering of hope to those in despair.

"Grief is the season of our life right now. It began when our son was diagnosed with cancer and went to be with Jesus four years ago. The season continues to this very day. One of the few things that has been truly helpful in this journey has been the Lamentation class. It gave us opportunities to explore our grief, language to express it, and ways to journey along with it, not to mention some fellow journeyers. It was a hard class to attend, but I am so thankful that I did." 

Doug Bunnell, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church - Bellingham, WA.

It is the prayer and hope of the 8th Day Community to expand this intensely personal journey to a broader audience within the Church as a whole and the community at large. This class is two hours per session and typically runs for eight weeks. Click on the schedule and curriculum links above for a more detailed description of the class. Lamentation is usually held the beginning of Lent and ending on Palm Sunday.

New Class Beginning Fall of 2018

Dr. Dale Pollard is partnering with Dr. Deb Gustafson in offering a new loss and grief class. Both Dr. Gustafson and I have developed a six-week class offered through her organization Soul Care Pathways - Dr. Gustafson has over thirty years of experience as a pastor and hospital chaplain.  She has addressed loss, death and dying with those who are dying and has assisted the living with loss and grief as they journey forward.  Dr. Pollard also has over thirty years of pastoral experience addressing the needs of those in grief and is currently both a funeral director and celebrant for funerals here in Whatcom County. Dale is the author of Lamentation, a guide to loss and grief.

The challenges of loss and grief are large for loved ones and families. We have designed the class to allow grieving persons enter into a safe, confidential and communal small group experience where they can face their challenges with support.   Below is a list of dates and topics for each evening.  If you have anyone in mind that could benefit from this class, we ask that you have them contact with us via email or phone. We would like to have a preliminary conversation with them before class begins. The cost of the class is $60.00 and covers materials.

Class will begin on Tuesday evening September 11, 2018 from 6:30-8:30pm at Bellingham Covenant Church, 1530 E Bakerview Rd, Bellingham, WA 98225.  All classes will be held on Tuesday evenings. Topics to be covered are:  

Week One: Why Grief Matters

Week Two: The Importance of Your Story

Week Three: Different Ways of Grieving

Week Four: Remembering Loved Ones and Our Healing Journeys

Week Five: Growing in Wisdom

Week Six: Living in Family and Community


For  information about this class, contact Dr. Dale Pollard at, or by cell at 360-201-3957.