Coracles Monthly Reflections

reflections for a rhythm of living and a rule of life

If you are interested in being part of our devotional rhythms via participation with these reflections, please email us or give us a call to discuss copywrite and suggestions for monetary donations to 8th Day for the use of these reflections.

The suggested donation for use of the montly reflections is $25/month for groups of three or more, or $10/month for individuals and couples. Using our Google on-line giving would be a great way to donate for the use of these refeclections. One reflection per month will be sent to you after notification of your donation to 8th Day.  You may begin at any time with the first year cycle and the current month. 

Coracles can also be a useful small group guide for churches and other organizations in a weekly, monthly or yearly format. 

For more information about Coracles, contact Dr. Dale Pollard at, or by cell at 360-201-3957.

Below is the reflection for the month of January for the first year. This is a sample of the monthly reflections and what they are intended to be used for. If you have any further questions please send us an email and/or give us a call.

Peace, the 8th Day community

Coracles Monthly Reflections Introduction - Year One.pdf129.99 KB
January Year One - Month One.pdf275.59 KB
February Year One - Month Two.pdf274.44 KB
March Year One - Month Three.pdf274.31 KB