The Apprentice Guide leads us into the first four Objectives – this is usually completed in the first year. Here we "apprentice" and learn from mentors what living in freedom and confession is all about. We have designed the Objectives to give each person an avenue of accountability with our struggles and bring to light that which weighs us down. Our small group is where much of the work and many of our relationships will focus. We hope that  a growing sense of wonder and hope will build to overflowing in our hearts and minds as we prepare to traverse further landscapes before us in the Journeyman adventure. 


The Journeyman Guide leads us into the last four Objectives, five through eight – this is usually completed in the second year. This is the beginning of learning more of the life of spiritual formation and prayer, and what our gifts and passions can be used for to serve and lead others. At the beginning of the second phase the Lord's work in our lives will be apparent if there is an attitude of daily surrender to His will. By the end of the Journeyman phase we will be a maturing leader, praying and living life in community and with passion. The Journeyman Guide helps prepare our hearts for the Craftsman adventure ahead.


The Craftsman Guide leads us into the further mystery of God’s grace – this is usually begun in the third year. When we enter into this part of the journey, we plunge deep into Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount, concentrating on the Beatitudes, as well as His words of compassion as described in the Parable of Good Samaritan. Craftsman focuses on prayer and service within community and family, growing more and more into Jesus' image. A central element to the Craftsman journey is the participation in a two-year cycle of monthly reflections named Coracles. These monthly reflections are avenues of prayer, spiritual formation and community building not only for Prodigal but for our families and communities of faith as well. Being immersed in these reflections tie us into a rhythm of life and a connection to a larger and more in-depth vision of Jesus and community that will help form our lives around peace, reflection and God’s Sabbath rest in the unfolding story of our lives.

the parable of the prodigal love of God

Our story is the story of the Prodigal Son. This majestic parable (a story with a point or two) is a story of the kingdom of God. Jesus tells us what this kingdom is like; this kingdom that He proclaims has begun in His life and ultimately in His death and resurrection. We immerse ourselves in this story; the story of Jesus -  the prodigal (extravagant) love of God.

For more information on Prodigal contact Dr. Dale Pollard at, or by cell at 360-201-3957.   

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