Large Groups

what is the large group component of Prodigal?

Every Prodigal meeting (large and small group evenings) begins with a shared meal. This enables the members to come relax together and unwind from the busy day, as well as offer hospitality to one another in a creative act of worship. Everyone is expected to bring some item to the meal - burgers and buns are already supplied. The meal is also a time to "live-out" Jesus' example of invitation to share hospitality with Him and one another in the present and coming Kingdom of God. Following the meal and clean-up time the small groups and their members come together for singing, sharing of praises, prayer requests and other needs and sharing and hearing stories of God's transformation in their lives, marriages, friendships and families.

"George Whitfield wrote, ‘The renewal of our natures is a work of great importance. It is not to be done in a day. We have not only a new house to build up, but also an old one to pull down.' Prodigal has given me the time, place, resources and brotherly support to go through the process of tearing down my ‘old house' and building a ‘new house'."

Don Thompson

Prodigal meetings alternate between large-group emphasis nights and small-group emphasis nights. On large group nights, the singing and sharing time is followed by a brief (20-30 minutes) teaching by members of Prodigal relating to that week's topic/lesson in the workbook. On small group nights, instead of the teaching, members disperse into their small groups for more sharing and prayer. Both the large group and small group meetings are essential components of the spiritual formation that is being "weaved" into the lives of the men through Prodigal. The Holy Spirit is affirming Christ's love and new life in the members of Prodigal as He transforms hearts in the love and service of His Kingdom of grace to the praise of the Father.

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