Life Practices

   8th Day life practices

We, the 8th Day Community, recognizing the  deep love of Jesus for each of us, pledge to live  as a community being guided and formed by  the Holy Spirit through these eight life  practices.

 We pledge to live as people of:


We commit to an ongoing dialogue of prayer (both corporately and individually) with our Lord. Learning to intercede for one another, our families and faith communities, we are committed to creative responses to the challenges and sorrows of our lives. We also commit to a daily rhythm of prayer as we confront the evils of our times and the opportunities provided to us for witness (Matthew 6:9-14).


We commit to be people of integrity in every area of our lives. In honesty and humility without duplicity, we strive to be consistent witnesses, true to our values and beliefs becoming people of resource, witness and mentors for others (Matthew 5:8).


We commit to nurture a growing passion to see Jesus formed in our community and individual lives We trust the Holy Spirit to gift and assist us in discovering and outlining the Lord's true priorities in our lives and the communities we work and serve in (Matthew 5:6).


We commit to dedicated and common purposes as we actively pursue the renewal of our hearts through spiritual formation in every area of lives, vocations, communities and families. (Matthew 5:10).


We commit to live as God's stewards of the resources that have been made available to us. These resources include: power, gifts, availability, time, creation - care, finances, and well-being (Matthew 6:1-4).


We commit to creating and sustaining a community of learning. We strive to be a community of the Bible through the study and reflection of the stories of Scripture and the stories of the journeys of our lives. We center our devotional and spiritual practices in the Bible, teaching one another how Scripture informs and forms our current practices of living out our faith in the world (Philippians 1:9-11).


We commit to foster and encourage the creative gifts that God has given each of us. This creativity can be expressed in a myriad of ways (artistic expression, entrepreneurial efforts, community development and involvement, family life and relationships, etc.) within faith communities, across cultures, and within the community at large (John 15:1-8). 


We commit to continually nurture joy, hope and freedom in our lives and in our community by celebrating Jesus' love and affirmation. Centering our celebrations in the Eucharist (the Lord's Table) we recognize that thankfulness leads to joy, joy to hospitality, and hospitality to hope and love (I Corinthians 11:23-26).