Incarnational Order

living compassion in the city as an incarnational order

The 8th Day Community is a 21st century incarnational order dedicated to compassion and renewal within the city, the church, the family, and the individual. By incarnational, we mean a people of God living as Jesus dwells among us; becoming a prophetic and collaborative community of love as we live with and care for the marginalized, the lonely and the oppressed. By order, we mean an intentional community adhering to certain principles as a living rhythm of life and a community defined by covenantal love and compassion. We adhere to the mission and eight values of the community as well as covenant together as a community by agreeing to follow and encourage one another in eight life practices which help guide our life in Christ, our vocations, and our service in the Kingdom of God. We come from all walks and seasons of life as well as across denominational spectrums and local church involvement in order to center our lives in contemplative devotion and active service. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are becoming a people of growing faith, freedom and joy as we journey together in the adventure and mystery of life; called to strengthen and encourage the local church, the community and the people of God. 

Yearly/Seasonal Themes and Devotional Rhythms*

Part of the 8th Day Community's commitment is to live in a yearly rhythm in the classic Church Calendar. The seasons below help guide us through the year with a description of the main Church Calendar events in that season.

Fall - Forming

Fall is a time for forming community once again after the summer season. This is a time of personal and corporate formation focusing on the season of Advent, of Christ's presence and humility. This is a season of expectation and anticipation of the Lord's surprising mystery and wonder in the hearts of the community and the individual.

Winter - Nurturing

Winter is a time for nurturing personally and corporately God's compassion as revealed by Jesus. This season of Lent, focuses our attention in prayer and discipline on the Spirit's work among as He nurtures us into deeper communion with Him, with one another, and with the world around us.

Spring - Renewing

Spring is a time for renewal and celebration. The Easter season focuses our attention on Jesus' conquering death in His resurrection as He renews our hearts, our love, and His creation. This is a time of renewing our hope and focusing our souls on the Kingdom of God, the hope of the life to come, and the wonder of new life.

Summer - Serving

Summer is a time for service and intercession. The Pentecost season focuses our attention on the Spirit's invitation into community, love, and service for our neighbors locally and abroad. We are a missional community, expectant in our waiting and listening to God's voice amongst us. We are a community of service, helping relieve suffering and injustice as we model Christ's presence in our culture.

* Note: These themes and rhythms are evident in all of our activities and community life; we simply want to highlight and emphasize each one during the year and tie that into the church calendar.