people who make 8th Day work

The 8th Day Community is led by the board of directors,
as well as the executive director.

  • Exective Director:
    • Dr. Dale Pollard
  • Board of Directors:
    • Diane Pollard
    • Colin Potts
    • Phil Tagaent
    • Phil Erickson
    • Dale Pollard
  • Volunteer Staff:
    • Dr. Dale Pollard (Director/Prodigal Men's Ministry/Coracles...)
    • Diane Pollard (Coracles and Administration)
    • Colin Potts (the Plunge Director and Gatherings)
    • Hans Wendt (Prodigal Men's Ministry/Media Services, Prodigal...)
    • Phil Erickson (Prodigal Men's Ministry/Service Projects and Adventure)