8th Day values

    Our mission: living compassion in the city, is     grounded in eight core values:

Incarnational Community:

We are a prophetic and collaborative community witness of Christ’s love, living among and caring for the marginalized and oppressed, cultivating creative expressions of mature Christian spirituality by caring for creation and becoming a people of prayer, hope, anticipation and wonder (I John 4:7-12).

Spiritual Direction:

We listen intently to one another in guided relationships of prayer, discernment, and vulnerability, aware of the Holy Spirit’s movements of grace in our lives as individuals and within the community we serve (Matthew 11:25-30).


We cultivate the essential and growing quality of self-awareness and confessional living, increasing our understanding of our vulnerabilities and weaknesses as well as our strengths and giftings (Luke 15:11-12).

Pastoral Care:

We extend care, compassion, and healing to one another and to broken humanity, affirming life in all its complexities and nuances, as the Lord extends His care, compassion, and healing to us (II Corinthians 1:3-4).

Simplicity in Giving:

We believe that lives of grace and freedom are marked by generosity. This generosity is an outcome not only of God’s abundant grace, but also of living within our means (financially) and giving of our time, resources and talents with hearts of joy and thankfulness (I Timothy 6:17-19).

Spiritual Practices:

We strive to be a community that practices the spiritual disciplines of the faith (see the eight spiritual disciplines of the 8th Day Community) as a means of being attentive and guided by God’s Spirit and continually formed in Jesus’ image both individually and corporately (Mark 1:35).

Rhythms of Living:

We are a community of faith that celebrates the Church Calendar as we live within the seasonal rhythms of the year. These seasonal rhythms and Church Calendar celebrations help us to engage in God’s creative cycles and shape our discipleship, our daily tasks and vocations, and our creativity in all forms of artistic expression (II Timothy 4:2).

Transformational Leadership:

We train and mentor leaders in Scriptural truth, global awareness and stewardship of power and position, who become leaders of transformation growing in Integrity, Intensity, and Intention, covenanting to nurture, protect, and build up the family of faith (John 15:1-4).